Welcome to Project Z fellow members!

Starting off...Edit

When you first login to the server, you find yourself in lumbridge with 2 sharks, a bronze sword & sq shield and 2 sharks..

Don't worry about that though, you will soon be able to get fancy stuff!

Your first steps...Edit

As you probably already found out, the world Project Z is taken over by zombies, they ate most of the bankers and useful tradesmen, only a few survivors are left.

What they don't know is.. a strong adventurer (You) will try to safe the world by killing them all..

Zombies drop various stuff, you can find more information about zombies on this page of our wiki:

In Lumbridge (our home area and one of the few safe places), you will find:

  •  Fat tony (with the cookers hat on); here you can sell almost all the stuff you get from killing zombies, for a fair price of course.
  • Siegfried Erkle: After making your first money from trading with Fat Tony, you should check Siegfried's shop out, he sells food, rune armour and other handy, basic stuff.
  • Make-over mage: As you probably know already, you can talk to this mage to change your appearance.