There are a lot of different Zombies on Project Z, they all drop things usefull for your survival.

Weak ZombiesEdit

Weak Zombies are the most common zombies on Project Z, as the name tells they're weak Zombies which makes them very good to train on as a newbie.

Weak Zombies can drop caskets, aswell as Male Zombies.

Mutated and Strong zombies drop Medium Caskets

Loot from Medium Caskets can consider:

- Berserker ring

- Fire cape

- Helm of Neitiznot

- Rock-shell armour

- To be continued

Sportsman and Brutes drop Elite Caskets

Loot from Elite Caskets can consider:

- Berserker ring

- Mystic (mage) sets

- Dagganoth & Dragon bones

- Infinity robes

- Ancient Staff

- Fighter torso

- To be continued

Other ZombiesEdit

There are currently 5 other zombies:

  • Male Zombie - Level 25
  • Mutated Zombie - Level 45
  • Strong Zombie - Level 85
  • Sportsman - 105
  • Brute - 185

More information about other zombies will hopefully be added soon. :)